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Paper Included

Paper supply automatically included

Welcome to a whole new level of convenience and simplicity.

  • We’ll deliver your paper before it runs out.
  • Paper Included means you never have to worry about ordering paper again.
  • The feature integrates with any printer / copier or multifunction device on contract with Konica Minolta Offer
  • Each Konica Minolta device fitted with our bespoke software will monitor your paper usage.
  • We collect this usage data and convert to paper used quantity for automatic replenishment on a schedule to suit you.
  • This will save you time, effort and administrative hassle.
  • Your service charge will include paper as well as toner and maintenance, meaning you’ll have one invoice for easy payment.

The process

We define your print preferences. Either from your usage records or in consultation, we will create an accurate profile of your print preferences and preferred delivery times and locations.

You choose your favourite paper from UK’s premium market leading brand in carbon neutral and/or recycled paper.

Finally, we will set your preferred paper replenishment level on each Konica Minolta device within your service.

We will continually monitor your usage ensuring you receive the right amount of paper when and where you want it.


Choose your favourite paper

We make it easy to choose smart sustainable papers, all of our premium market leading brands are carbon neutral and/or recycled.

For consistent quality and performance, all Konica Minolta papers are tested and qualified by Konica Minolta laboratories.

Never run out of paper again



Smart stock management

You get the right paper, in the right quantities at the right time.

Improved efficiency

Paper on-hand whenever you need it.

Save time

Focus on your core business, instead of your paper levels.

Simple invoicing

Receive one invoice for equipment, service, toner and paper.

Smooth operation

The efficiency of printers, copiers and multi-function devices is increased when complementary types of paper are used.

We’ll help you choose the right kind.

Reduced administrative workload

By letting us take care of your paper requirements, it’s one less supplier to manage.

Konica Minolta Offer Paper Inclusive 2

How to set up Paper Inclusive

If you have devices on contract with Konica Minolta Offer it’s very easy to have paper included:


Include paper on the contract and choose your favourite paper.


We’ll have all your print preferences, volumes, locations, size and colour on file, simply sign the paperwork.


Knowing no matter how much you print you’ll never run out of paper again.

Account management

We make sure you get the most out of your investment by supporting you in both smart paper choices and device management with regular business reviews from our experienced specialists.

For more information

To find out more or to set up your organisation for Paper Inclusive. Please contact Konica Minolta Offer.

****Konica Minolta Offer reserves the right to offer Paper Inclusive to customers at its discretion.

**** Terms and conditions in relation to Paper Inclusive are contained within Konica Minolta Offer’s standard form contracts, which must be agreed and accepted by the customer.